Best Day Trips from Bruchsal

Use Bruchsal as an ideal starting point to explore other exciting locations around the baroque city.

Kraichgau-Stromberg tourism region

The Kraichgau-Stromberg region is an area of wine and woodland with sincere hospitality - a gentle world of adventure, the “Land of 1000 hills, and plenty of history, health and delight between the Rhine and Neckar rivers. Homepage

Touristik-Gemeinschaft Baden-Elsass-Pfalz e.V.

Baden, Alsace, Palatinate - each of these three neighbouring regions is a holiday dream in itself. Together, they offer one of the most beautiful and diverse holiday landscapes on both sides of the Rhine, between the Black Forest and Kraichgau on one bank, and the Palatinate Forest and the Vosges on the other. Homepage

Upper Rhine valley

Welcome to the Upper Rhine Valley - the tri-national Upper Rhine region spreads over three countries: France, Germany and Switzerland. An international river with an overall length of 1,200 metres, the Rhine has become a symbol of successful European collaboration. Homepage


An epitome of German romanticism, Heidelberg is right at the top of the wish lists of many international and national city travellers. The majestic Heidelberg Palace, high above the old town, literally forms the touristic crown of Heidelberg, the city by the Neckar river. Homepage


Karlsruhe is a young and welcoming city. Joie de vivre, openness, Baden liberality and the proverbial hospitality are the excellent characteristics of its inhabitants. The former Baden residence and regional capital is at the centre of the Upper Rhine revision and being the location of the Bundesverfassungsgericht and Bundesgerichtshof courts, it is known as the “residence of the law”. Homepage


Mannheim is a colourful city full of contrasts. Joie de vivre, economic power and inspiration: Those who come to Mannheim will experience a lot. The creativity of people from Mannheim is shown by their numerous inventions: the car, the bicycle and the tractor all originated from here. Homepage


The Maulbronn Cistercian monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the best-preserved Medieval monastery complexes. It contains all styles and development stages from the Romantic to the Late Gothic eras. Homepage


At the heart of the Electoral Palatinate asparagus metropolis, you will be received by the Baroque ensemble of the 18th century summer residence. Art enthusiast Carl Theodor (1724-1799) created a garden complex here that unites intellectual history with modern times, from the Baroque era and the Enlightenment to the Romantic period. Homepage


The Speyer Cathedral, an imperial cathedral consecrated in the 11th century, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1981. The cathedral is one of the main pieces of work to emerge from Romantic architecture and at the same time it is the largest structure from this era in Europe. Homepage


Enjoy the one of the traditional regions of the neighbouring country, France. Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse are great for sightseeing. At the Ecomusée d'Alsace, the largest open-air museum in the country, you will experience a piece of Alsatian history, up close and personal. Homepage

Black Forest

Waterfalls, ravines, lakes and forests, as well as caves, mountains, natural parks and a national park - discover the unique diversity of the Black Forest’s natural landscape. The largest and tallest German upland mountain range will also fascinate you with its wealth. Homepage

Thermarium Bad Schönborn

Dive into the “thermal sea” of the THERMARIUM. From over 600 metres below ground, pleasant and warm thermal salt water spouts from its healing source. With a water surface area of over 1,400m², split into 6 pools, it has a unique variety of healthy and relaxing purpose. Homepage

Technik Museum Speyer

Discover Europe’s largest space travel exhibition with the BURAN space shuttle, a walk-on Boeing 747, an original U-boat and much more! Homepage

Auto- und Technik Museum Sinsheim

At the AUTO & TECHNIK MUSEUM SINSHEIM, you can discover the adventure of technology in its unique form - exciting, thrilling and always entertaining. Allow yourself to be fascinated by the walk-on CONCORDE and hundreds of classic cars, locomotives, Formula 1 vehicles and much more! Homepage

Tripsdrill Theme Park

In the middle of the Stromberg-Heuchelberg natural park, Tripsdrill Theme Park has over 100 fascinating and original attractions. With the “Mammut” wooden rollercoaster and “Karacho”, a spectacular catapult rollercoaster, two special highlights await you amongst the main attractions. With original opportunities for an overnight stay, the “Wildparadies” has lots prepared for families who are enthusiastic about nature. Homepage

Holiday Park Haßloch

The holiday park in Haßloch, Palatinate, invites you to come and spend an eventful day there. The main attraction and centrepiece is the “Expedition GeForce” megacoaster attraction, whereby families with children are also strongly desired as a target group. Homepage

Europa Park Rust

Discover one of the most popular theme parks in the world, with 100 attractions: The largest rollercoaster in Europe, the “Silver Star”, a journey through the universe with Eurosat, a white-water ride, a Swiss bobsleigh run, the Blue Fire Megacoaster, a children’s musical and the country-themed areas are waiting for your visit. Homepage

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